Baby diapers, at least for the first 2 years of birth, are the most important clothing and cover your baby’s foot all day and night. Diaper 4 The brand “Confy” is a diaper for babies from 8 to 18 kg. Super absorbent layer, waterproof side edges, super soft top surface and lotion are some of the features of this product. Inappropriate diapers can cause baby’s feet to swell, urinary tract infections, skin allergies and more serious illnesses. The superabsorbent layer used in the Confy brand diaper structure maximizes moisture absorption. The waterproof side of the diaper also prevents moisture from passing through the diaper. This diaper, which passes through the air well, makes baby’s skin easier to breathe. The lotion used in the production of this diaper also keeps the baby’s skin soft and delicate and prevents unpleasant odor. “Confy” brand diaper with adhesive tape on the side and front of the diaper as often as needed, adheres tightly. It should be noted that the packs contain 12 and 42 large size diapers.